Adventure World Fun Day

On Friday the 2nd of March staff and students attended Adventure World. At the school we refer to this annual event as “Fun Day”, it is however so much more than this. The Fun Day allows our school community to come together and celebrate Cannington Community ESC’s three core values Achievement, Independence and Respect.

Social skill education is an important aspect of the school curriculum and integrated across all learning areas throughout the school. Students participate in the planning of the day and during the day demonstrate and practice many social skills supported by the school staff.

Skills demonstrated on the day include:

  • Listening to and following the travel plan for the day
  • Preparing their day packs for the event
  • Following OH&S instructions on the day
  • Making their own lunch
  • Being resilient – everyone had a go at something new on the day, (even the staff)
  • Be environmentally conscious – all rubbish went into the bins
  • Be polite when talking to others
  • Moving with care around the facility – all safety instructions were followed
  • Be able to work as a team – learning to take turns
  • Using polite language
  • Respecting other peoples’ belonging
  • Using their time management skills throughout the day
  • Be able to change clothes quickly
  • Choose to be pleasant and positive

Staff were so proud of all our students on the day with members of the public commenting on the excellent manners displayed by our students.

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