Enrolment Information

What are Education Support Centres and who can enrol?

Education support centres are specialist schools of choice for students who require a functional curriculum due to high educational needs.

An education support centre is a separate school located on a primary school or secondary school campus. Centres offer students a personalised program that is based on a functional curriculum.

Education support centres may offer enrolment to students in the following diagnostic disability categories:

  • Students with an intellectual disability or global developmental delay and who are eligible for an Individual Disability Allocation (IDA) under this category.
  • Students with eligibility for an IDA for Autism Spectrum and demonstrated high educational needs.
Where does Cannington Community Education Support Centre take students from?

Education support centres do not have a “catchment area” as it is a specialist school of choice. Generally students who choose to attend a centre make the decision based on program choice and distance from the child’s home. If you want to search for education support centres or schools go to Schools Online.

Transport for Students

If your child is eligible, they may travel to Cannington Community Education Support Centre with the School Bus Services provided by the Public Transport Authority. Apply online for this service before your child starts school at Cannington Community ESC.

These buses have a driver and an education assistant to help the students travel from door to door. Parents are responsible for providing transport if a student’s residence is outside the bus zone. For more information visit the School Bus Services website.

Students capable of traveling independently can access both train and bus routes within a short walking distance of both campuses. Use the Journey Planner to plan your child’s route to and from school.

Who pays for extra teacher and education assistant time? Do they have to go to an education support centre to get this help?

Schools Resourcing, a sector of the Department of Education, provides funding for students with disabilities. Students receive Schools Resourcing funding to pay for teacher and/or education assistant time based on their needs. They receive this funding largely independently of the school they attend. There may be additional fees for 457 visa holders. For further information visit the Schools Resourcing page.

How do I enrol my child at an Education Support Centre?

To enrol your child in an education support centre it is recommended that you make an appointment to meet the principal. Information is needed from parents and the school at which your child is currently enrolled. Parents complete an application for enrolment form which confirms that they understand that they have made a choice to move their child into education support. The applications for enrolment must be countersigned by the lead psychologist who verifies that the student meets education support eligibility criteria.