School Programs

Workplace Learning

The Workplace Learning Program (WPL) is a valuable program in which students have the opportunity to develop essential core skills for work while working in a real workplace.

At our school, staff, students, and caregivers, work closely together to help students get the most out of new experiences. We also assist in the transition between school and the work force.

Students begin Workplace Learning in year 10. They learn how to travel safely on public transport, behave appropriately in public places, and recognise, understand, and follow safety signs. Students also learn about the expectations of different workplaces, and the requirements of being in the workforce. Students complete a manual handling course, and a first aid course, as part of this learning process.

Once the student is able to demonstrate “work readiness” they continue to explore different industry options and are asked about their personal interests. By collating the information gathered from the student’s Independant Transition Plan (ITP) a suitable workplace is then found by the Workplace Learning Coordinators.

Students are supported by school staff, both while travelling to and from their workplace, and at the workplace, until all parties involved are confident the student can work independently. Staff support is gradually reduced to encourage independence.

Congratulations to the Workplace Learning team on securing, and staffing, all new and existing student placements.  Students attending WPL in year 11, and year 12 have Logbooks that need to be completed each week, and Skills Journals to complete during class time.

We wish all of our students the very best with their placements.

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