Updated Covid rules- isolation, close contact and school activities

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

COVID update Week 2 Term 1 8/02/2022

Below is a list of current guidelines and measures put in place by the Minister of Education and Training. We will do the best we can to update our school community on a regular basis. Ensure you are subscribed to our news on the website, keep an eye on our CONNECT school space as well as our Facebook and Instagram accounts. 

  1. We will minimise all face-to-face contact with parents and caregivers for parent meetings. All IEP and ITP sessions will be offered as phone conference calls or on MS Teams or WebEx.
  2. Senior school camp to Albany is postponed. We will send out further information as we receive it.
  3. All face to face events like whole school assemblies will be cancelled.
  4. Parents will be permitted on school sites for drop off and pick up in outdoor locations only. No entry into classrooms. 
  5. Masks are still mandatory. Please send your child to school with an appropriate mask, as we have a limited school supply.
  6. If your child is unwell please do not come to school and follow protocols. If they become unwell at school, we will phone to arrange for you to pick them up.
  7. External providers are still allowed to visit the school and your child.  Parent request forms and therapy schedules need to be returned and signed off by Admin before proceeding.
  8. WPL is still operating- students will need a vaccination certificate in order to attend most workplaces.
  9. Isolation is now 7 days, not 14 days. 

Thank you for your cooperation- it is a rapidly changing environment but the safety and welfare of our students and staff are paramount. 

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