Student Wellbeing

At Cannington Community Education Support Centre (CCESC), Pastoral Care and supporting mental health and wellbeing of our students and staff is paramount. In 2018 we were successful in obtaining funding under the State Governments ‘Mental Health in Schools’ initiative, which has now changed to become the nation-wide ‘Be You’ initiative.  This funding required us to articulate how we would imbed mental health and wellbeing into our curriculum offerings and plan for implementation and reviews over the next 4 years.

Our Student Services team comprises a Coordinator, a Chaplain, and two Student Services Managers.  Our Chaplain is funded by the Department of Education (DoE) two days a week, and the remaining three days is resourced by CCESC.  This means that our Chaplain is a full-time member of staff and available to our students in a full-time capacity.  The Chaplain provides voluntary counselling to our students but does not proselytize their religion.  The chaplain provides guidance on issues of human relationships, welfare services available and provides support in other areas of need.

At our senior campus we offer programs such as the evidence based Drumbeat program, which explores the concepts of relationships and resilience through participation in a regular drum circle.  Students also participate in regular SDERA Challenges and Choice lessons, where resiliency is developed through road and drug safety awareness.  The senior students are also enrolled in various ASDAN Health and Wellbeing modules specific to their individual needs and the evidence based BRAVE program which is an interactive, online prevention and intervention program for youth anxiety.